Welcome to Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is a posh residential area of elegant brownstones. It’s known for its tree-lined promenade along the East River, with unrivaled views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The neighborhood also attracts visitors and local families to the landscaped walkways and playgrounds of waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park. Locals gather at the longstanding bars and restaurants along Henry Street.

Things to do in Brooklyn Heights

One of the first neighborhoods outside of Manhattan you’ll hit after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights offers a cozy residential feel with all the conveniences of city life. The charming area features streets lined with lovingly restored row houses, but its beauty doesn’t end there. On the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, you’ll find panoramic views of Lower Manhattan, and beyond you’ll encounter shopping, dining, live theater and music performances. At the Brooklyn Historical Society and the New York Transit Museum, get a taste of culture and history.


Here, there’s very good, locally-sourced, inventive food that you won’t mind waiting in line for. Squash, farro, lamb belly, cheese from Vermont – you get the idea.

Yaso Tangbao

Yaso Tangbao is a fast-casual restaurant by the Jay Street Metrotech station, and they do seriously good soup dumplings. Yes, technically Yaso Tangbao is in Downtown Brooklyn.

Iris Cafe

This is the ideal neighborhood cafe on an ideal block in Brooklyn. It’s small, quiet, and laid-back – and the food is at the perfect quality level: very good, but not so life-changing that the place gets flooded with people from other boroughs.


Grimaldi’s is one of the most famous old-school pizzerias in New York. Is it the best pizza in the city? Probably not. But people line up for it, and people generally line up for good things.

Juliana's Pizza

You can get pizza from a coal-fired oven here as well, charred crust and all. (It’s also only a few doors down from Grimaldi’s.) There’s still going to be a line out the door, but it might not be as long as its competitor’s.

Chez Moi

This simple French food might not blow your mind, but if you need a restaurant that looks like a cafe in Williamsburg or the West Village, Chez Moi has you covered.

Noodle Pudding

This is the definition of a hidden gem: no website, no sign, cash-only, and a name so stupid you’d have to know this place was good in order to walk in.


The original Fornino is in Williamsburg, but their Neapolitan-style pizzas fit in just fine down in Brooklyn Heights.