Welcome to Greenpoint

Home to a large Polish-American community, Brooklyn’s evolving Greenpoint neighborhood is a residential area with hipster appeal. Traditional Polish shops and restaurants share the streets with trend-setting eateries, bars and live music venues. Galleries and artist studios are found in converted warehouses. The revitalized East River waterfront has parks and new high-rises with sweeping views of midtown Manhattan.

Things to do in Greenpoint

​Greenpoint is hip: so hip that a local Greenpoint grocery store was recently the backdrop for a Harpers Bazaar photo shoot for an upcoming magazine cover, with a scantily clad Gwyneth Paltrow posing with a gallon of milk in the frozen food aisle. If you don’t think that’s hip, Bill Murray sent social media into a flurry when he was caught bartending at the recently opened 21 Greenpoint. But you don’t need celebrities to be cool. In Greenpoint, there’s a laundromat that doubles as a bar, and an old Polish banquet hall was transformed into a bazaar where you can play ping pong, listen to your favorite bands and enjoy some karaoke.

Di An Di

This Vietnamese restaurant is incredible. We’d suggest you bring friends to tackle as much of the menu as you can.

Chez Ma Tante

The food is simple, but incredibly well-executed – like the caesar salad, steak tartare, straciatella cheese with preserved lemon and grilled bread, and a grilled pork shoulder served with lentils.

Frankel’s Delicatessen

This new-school take on an old-school Jewish deli has constant crowds of people waiting for lox, pastrami, and brisket – but the line moves fast, the food comes out quick, and everyone working here is genuinely friendly.


The menu is big, with options ranging from ceviches to tacos to a giant grilled ribeye – but don’t miss the corn tlayuda.

Selamat Pagi

If you’re a vegetarian, or you just like to eat kind of healthy sometimes, and you enjoy vacations you don’t have to pay for, you should know about Selamat Pagi.


Sauvage looks like one of those classic Parisian bistros with the wicker chairs out front. It’s owned by the Maison Premiere people, and in addition to oysters and cocktails, they also serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Cherry Point

The menu is full of things like house-made charcuterie, steaks, and a pretty good burger. If you’re in need of a vegetable, they have a couple of those.


Serving upscale Mediterranean food in attractive industrial space.