Welcome to Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a hip neighborhood in Brooklyn that draws the young and the fashionable to its chic boutiques, trendy cafes and buzzy restaurants. Street art brightens residential thoroughfares and repurposed factories, while the waterfront provides stunning views of Manhattan and seasonal venues for outdoor concerts and food markets. Dance clubs, happening bars and music halls liven up the nightlife scene.

Things to do in Williamsburg

Known for its indie music and party scene, the ’Burg always offers a good reason to cross the East River and check out its delights. Locals of Williamsburg, Brooklyn already know the nabe is the prime place in the city to shop for vintage, catch a concert and peep some street art, but the ever-changing area always offers new restaurants, flea markets and shops to explore. The neighborhood may have rents higher than Gramercy and more crowds than Soho, but at least it’s free to visit. Heed the hipster call.


We think about the food here – particularly the pastas – more than we care to admit, and the high-ceilinged space is straight up stunning.

Llama Inn

The very good Peruvian food, which you eat in a relaxed dining room full of plants and natural light, ranges from ceviche to beef tenderloin covered in french fries.

Four Horsemen

You’d probably expect a lot of things about a wine bar owned by the frontman of a very famous, very cool band.

St Anselm

If you’re prepared to wait, you will be rewarded with seriously delicious red meats and everything you want to eat with them (get the pan-fried mashed potatoes), along with a cool, intimate environment that couldn’t be further from a stuffy, traditional steakhouse.

Peter Luger Steak House

You come to Peter Luger for three reasons that outweigh everything else: the thick-cut bacon, the porterhouse steak, and the steak sauce.

Emmy Squared

This place does rectangular, Detroit-style pies topped with things like bacon, ranch, and pickled jalapeños – plus one of our all-time favorite burgers. Bring friends and share everything.

Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons is a specialty market in the front and an incredible restaurant in the back.


Much of the seating in the extremely modern-looking space is at a bar overlooking the kitchen, so you can watch as your spaghetti gets tossed with fennel pesto or your tortelli gets dunked into a hot pool of brown butter.